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As a member of The General's Network, we provide you with a wide range of services and parts to ensure your packaging machinery is kept up and running to its optimal potential, keeping our clients with little to no production down time. Saving you money!


Custom Design & Machine Upgrades

TGN offers a variety of upgrades to all types of packaging machinery. Edge guide system, pull belt system, and the pneumatic systems are just a few of the upgrades that TGN offers. Please contact us for details regarding upgrades that are available.

Refurbished Matrix VFFS

​TGN specializes in frame up restorations of Matrix VFFS Machines.  These machines are stripped to the frame, and completely overhauled in order to bring them back to their peak efficiency.  This provides our clients with the production power of a new machine at a fraction of the cost.  

Seal Jaw Assembly & Assembly Exchanges

TGN provides a vast array for your seal-jaw needs, ranging from general maintenance to full rebuilding. We also offer our seal-jaw exchange program which provides our clients with a new jaw at a lower cost, in exchange for your previously used jaw.

Custom Design Jaw Faces

We offer custom design Seal Jaw faces for not just one, but multiple machines. TGN can design to suit most of your application needs.

Scales, Augers & Cup Fillers

TGN services a number of different Scales, Augers & Cup Fillers.

Vertical Form Fill
& Seal Systems

TGN services all types of Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) machines to assist you with all of your packaging needs whether it be liquids or solids. We are able to refurbish, as well as make new parts for your current machine, saving you money.

Metal Detection

Trusting TGN with your machines technical performance not only gives you piece of mind, it helps protect your brand in the marketplace most importantly. Whether you are needing a new machine or an existing one serviced, TGN can provide you with quotes for either to get you back up and running as soon as possible..

Yamato Dataweigh

Not only do we specialize in servicing your machine, we offer individualized training to your employees to help maximize the use of your Yamato Dataweigh.  TGN will help you with all your Yamato weighing applications and training needs

VideoJet DataFlex/Markem-Imaje Thermo-Transfer Printers

With over 18years experience in both VideoJet and Markem-Imaje Thermo-Transfer Printers, we offer a variety of these printers both new and used. TGN also provides customization of both VideoJet's "Clarisoft" software or Markem-Imaje's "Colos Create" software for all your application needs. Contact us for a quote.


TGN offers an array of parts for several different applications related to the packaging industry. Whether it is a fabricated part by TGN, or a vendored part, TGN prices can't be beat.  Check out our online Parts Store, or contact us for more details.

Quarterly Service Packages

A​long with routine service calls, TGN offers quarterly service packages.  These quarterly packages provide you with a sense of security that your packaging machinery is running at its optimal performance.  TGN also bundles a year of 24/7 phone support with a year long quarterly package. 

All-Fill Augers

Whether its service or training, we are able to assist you with all of your All-Fill Auger needs.

24/7 Support

Our 24/7 phone support provides the ability to verbally guide your company through any issue.  With this we also offer support via video conferencing, so that TGN can see exactly what the problem is, and help with the best possible solutions at the drop of a hat.  Contact us for details regarding the packages available for our 24/7 phone support.


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